Die Datei, die Datei, die Datei ...

Oh, hi!

I'm Stefan.

I read, think & daydream.

   About technology, society, philosophy, politics, gender, human rights & space.

   And where these things meet each other.

I study computer science at Graz University of Technology.

   And try to look beyond the rim of my teacup with some philosophy at University of Graz.

I (co-)organize CryptoParty Graz and coordinate the LosFuzzys CTF team.

   And I am a member of realraum Graz.

I am currently involved/interested in technology ethics, technology|society, it security, privacy, opendata, netpolitics, open knowledge, all things queer, labor in the 21st century, the hacker/maker culture, accessibility & usability of security, ai ethics ...

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E-Mail (openPGP Key)
   Fingerprint: 09D5 5358 F9D3 AFC0 C73D 3F95 EF55 3021 4121 0EA0